Star Wars meets Harry Potter Birthday

My oldest son, Jackson, was OBSESSED with Star Wars right before his 6th Birthday. Naturally, we picked a Star Wars theme for his party, which was at a local jumpy house place. But of course, his obsession changed to Harry Potter a week before his party. This shouldn’t have surprised me as he does this every year.

Since his party was a week away & the invitations were already sent with a Star Wars theme, we decided to stick with it. Did you actually think I was going to switch up the weeks & weeks of planning I had already done? Ok, some you may have thought I would. But I Did Not!

The invitation was done on a Design software I have on my home computer, then uploaded to Zazzle and printed on a Customizable Photo Puzzle. Each guest was given a puzzle invite which they had to put together to “decode” the message.

*Invite wording courtesy of Personal Party Invites

Star Wars Cookiecake:
Since the party was at a local jumpy house place, I did not have to do any decorations. We opted for the Pajama Movie package , where the kids jumped for an hour then watch a movie for an hour (Star Wars Clone Wars).

We decided to make Cookiecakes (Cookie that looks like a cupcake) vs. a large messy cake. With the help of my sister in-law, Nancy, we rolled out different colors of fondant, used a biscuit cutter to make a circle that would fit on top our cookiecakes, and used Food Markers for the details.

For the actual cookiecake, we used pre-made Pilsbury cookie dough and stuffed them into a greased cupcake pan. Bake as normal & VOILA…you now have Cookiecakes!

Add any type of icing to act as the “glue” and place the finished Star Wars Fondant heads on top. These were so much fun to make & Jackson LOVED them!

Harry Potter Ice Cream:
Now how does Harry Potter play into all of this? Jackson’s party was on a weekend but his actual birthday was on a Thursday where we celebrated at his favorite local diner with family. Since his new obsession was now Harry Potter, I was compelled to come up with something quick. After much thought and searching for inspiration & ideas online, a Harry Potter Owl was created.

A simple scoop of ice cream from the restaurant was ordered. My other sister in-law, Melisa, helped me add coconut for the feathers, yellow M&M for the beak, chocolate pretzel cut into 2 circles for the eyes, chocolate chips for the center of the eye, sliced almonds for the top feathers, and a chocolate wafer cut in half for the wings.

Super cute + Super Yummy = Super Happy Birthday Boy!


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