Dr. Seuss Birthday

Our youngest son, Wyatt, celebrated his 1st birthday last year with Dr. Seuss. This theme was so easy to get excited about. I mean really, who doesn’t LOVE Dr. Seuss?

*Hat & Shirt courtesy of Etsy.

We have an amazing Balloon guy, who we’ve used a few times, and knew he would bring tons of balloons we could use for decoration.

The invitation was created on a Design software I have on my home computer, printed on card stock, then cut to size.

*Invitation wording courtesy of Etsy.

Cake & Cupcakes:
Since I didn’t have to put too much effort into the decorations, I mainly focused on the cake & cupcakes. Cat in the Hat Sheet Cake and Thing 1 & Thing 2 Cupcakes

The Cat in the Hat Sheet cake is just a Vanilla Cake from a box. Hopefully, after my Pastry Class this Fall I will be confident enough to make my cakes from scratch.

After finding the perfect Cat in the Hat picture online, I used white fondant to trace & cut the image. Luckily, my husband has the “artsy gene” and can draw pretty well. He used Food Markers (like the ones you use to draw on cookies) and was able to copy the image onto the fondant. AMAZING if you ask me 🙂 Well done honey!

From there… Let the piping begin. About a billion blue icing dots were added around the words. Once the entire cake was covered, the Cat in the Hat image was placed onto of the blue icing dots.

As for the Thing 1 & Thing 2 cupcakes, they were really simple. Again, a boxed mix for the cupcakes. I used a Red Velvet cake mix with a Cream Cheese frosting. Pretty standard.

Once the cupcakes were baked & iced, I placed blue cotton candy on the top to look like Thing 1 & Thing 2 hair.
*Note: You need to use the fluffy cotton candy you find at the fair or amusement park. The one in the big plastic bags. Not the packed in a can stuff you get at Target. Since we realized, at the last minute, the packed in a can stuff wouldn’t work, my sister in-law, Nancy, had a brilliant idea and ran over to Chuck-e-Cheese. They of course, had the fluffy stuff 🙂 Great thinking Nancy!!!

Note: The cotton candy will start to melt the second you put it on the icing. Due to this, we added the cotton candy right before we served the cupcakes. Bummer part of this was we couldn’t display them during the party.


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