Candyland Birthday

How on earth did my baby become 5 years old???  How did my only baby girl grow into this beautiful, funny, silly, soon to be kindergartener???  Regardless, of how it happened, it needed to be celebrated with LOTS & LOTS of candy!!!

Candyland is one of those party themes you can go absolutely crazy with!!!  The internet is just covered with ideas!!!  My suggestion is to pick a few ideas & run wild with it!  No need to do everything 🙂

First was the invitations.  What more says Candyland than a giant Lollipop invite? (Picture to come)

We then had a blast making all of the decorations:  Giant Ice Cream Cones, paper plate candies, balloon lollipops, dum dum lollipop cones & marshmallow/sour rope kabobs.

But of course, my real fun comes with the cake!  The ideas are endless & so much FUN!!!

After all of the fun, the kids left with a basket full of candy & a toothbrush to make their Mommy’s happy 🙂

Happy Party Planning!


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