Party Planning

I am definitely not a 1 trick pony! In addition to cooking, this girl LOVES to plan parties!

Before kids, my husband & I would entertain all the time. There is just something about being surrounded by good friends & family, and good food & drinks. It’s pretty hard to not enjoy yourself!

Since kids, Birthday Party planning has been my thing. I was overly excited to plan my 1st son’s 1st birthday! The theme, the cake, the food, the drinks, the decorations, and all of the planning in between… All of it was so exciting! Three kids & many, many birthday parties later, I still LOVE IT!

It may seem like a lot of work to some people, but putting the energy I do into these parties is effortless to me. Ok, well maybe not fully effortless, but I enjoy doing it, my kids & their guest enjoy themselves, and the thought of my kids looking back at their childhood with wonderful memories of their birthdays makes every detail well worth the effort.

I hope you find some inspiration here for your next Birthday Party planning!

CandyLand 5th Birthday

Dr. Seuss 1st Birthday

Elmo 2nd Birthday

Engagement Party Treats

Indiana Jones 7th Birthday

Ladybug Picnic 3rd Birthday

Mickey Mouse 2nd Birthday

Star Wars Meets Harry Potter 6th Birthday

Strawberry Shortcake Tea Party 4th Birthday