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Welcome to Grove House Special. A place where I can share the many recipes, party themes & more I’ve encountered over the years.

As with many of you out there, I LOVE Food! I love it so much, I’ll say it again. I LOVE food! I love to eat it, grow it, cook it, eat it again & then share it.

With 3 children, who would rather not challenge their tastebuds past the ordinary chicken & vegetable dish, finding a recipe we all enjoy is difficult. I often feel like a short order cook, where everyone wants to eat something different. Since I’m NOT a short order cook, I typically, cook up a wonderful new recipe & then strip off all the flavor to serve to my kids. In due time, they will all realize what they’ve been missing. Until then… I’ll just have to appreciate how cute they are 🙂
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I hope you all enjoy what Grove House Special has to offer & visit often.
Bon Appétit