Elmo Birthday Party

Thinking back to when my daughter turned 2, I remember trying to come up with a cute theme. In the past, I wasn’t a big fan of using obnoxious cartoon characters, such as purple singing dinosaurs, as the theme. But, when you think of the interest level of a soon to be 2 year, you really don’t have much to work with.

In our case, Elmo won over the heart of my little girl. How could I possible deny her of her love for a big, furry, red monster?

After seeing a cute show ticket invite on Etsy, I decided to make my own with a design software I have on my home computer.

Once again, we hired our favorite balloon guy who, without a doubt, impressed everyone.

Each year, I challenge myself to come up with a homemade (or partially homemade) cake design. This year, was no different. 1 Elmo Cake, coming up!

I used a boxed cake mix, which I baked in a ball cake pan. Once baked & cooled, I cut a portion of one side off so the cake would stand up straight.

The eyes & nose are large cupcakes, which are attached to the head with wooden kabob skewers. Ice everything up with Elmo colored icing & you have yourself an edible Elmo head.

Note: Other cute Sesame Street ideas include

Cookie Monster

Photos: By Jen Grove or Flicker


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