Strawberry Shortcake Tea Party Birthday

Sydney’s Strawberry Shortcake Tea Party last month was overflowing with cuteness!

We had all of the little girls dress up in their “Berry Fancy” Dresses and it was too cute to watch them all twirl & drink “tea” from their flower cups. So much fun to be a little girl!

For the invitations, I used Red & white card stock, green gingham design craft paper, green ribbon, white artificial flower, 1 paper brad, and a red jewel. All found at your local craft store.

To make the strawberry shape, I just searched online for one I liked, enlarged it to the size I wanted, then cut out a template. The template was then used to trace the strawberry shape on the red & white card stock.

The “stem” (aka green gingham paper) was just a free form shape I drew. The top of the stem is longer so I could fold it behind and have a clean edge on the top.

Put the Red Strawberry cutout on top of the White, put the stem on top of the Red & fold behind the white. I then used a hole punch to punch a hold in the upper right corner of all 3 papers & added a paper brad to hold everything together.

From there, I looped the green ribbon & hot glued it on top of the brad, followed by the white flower & red jewel.

The invitation wording was printed on regular white printer paper & glued on top of white Strawberry shaped paper.

Decoration & Food:
The table was the main decorating canvas this time around.

Red Table Cloth, Flowers, bowls of jelly beans, and Flower tea cups (which were their favors) were all set out on the table. Homemade pinwheels stood in clear vases with dried black beans.

To make your own pinwheels, simply pick out any kind of decorative scrapbook paper. Cut 2 pieces in any size square. Your paper must be SQUARE for this to work! Glue the 2 pieces of paper together so each decorative side faces outwards.

From there, fold 1 corner diagonally making a triangle. Unfold & do it again the opposite way (see picture below). Cut along folded lines 3/4 of the way up (DO NOT cut all the way to the middle). Punch a hole in the center & on the same side of each square corner.

Put a paper brad in each of the corner holes, then pull up and insert into center hole. Fasten brad, glue to a stick & there you go! You now have your very own Homemade Pinwheel.

PB&J and cheese tea sandwiches, big red strawberries, grapes & popcorn were served for lunch. Alongside, strawberry milk in their adorable flower tea cups.

Note: Adorable Flower Teacups were purchased on Amazon.

This year opted to not do a big themed cake as I had zero ideas on what to do. So cupcakes with a Strawberry twist was the way to go.

I used a vanilla & Lemon boxed cake mix. Made both according to the directions on the box. I normally replace the oil with applesauce for a moister cake.

Once cupcakes were baked & cooled, I cup a cone hole in the top so I could fill it with the most AMAZING Strawberry filling ever, Strawberry Gelée.

Now for the icing! I used store bought cream cheese icing, added some of my homemade Strawberry jam & mixed until I got the perfect shade of pink. Pipe icing onto cupcakes, added sliced strawberries to the top of the Vanilla cupcakes & a yellow jellybean to the Lemon cupcakes.

They were so YUMMY! My neighbor who rarely eats sweets inhaled one in record time. The best compliment if you ask me 🙂


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