Where it all started.

When I think back to when my passion for food started, I’d have to say… Who Knows! Maybe it started while eating my way through San Francisco in my 20’s with my now Husband. Maybe in Yountville, while enjoying the French Laundry experience. Maybe in Paris, Rome or Barcelona, where everything was beyond DELICIOUS! Or maybe it just started in my own home kitchen with my family.

I enjoyed cooking as a young adult, have explored many wonderful restaurants with my Husband, discovered & tweeked many recipes at home for the family, and bake up a storm when it comes to my kids birthday parties. I love to entertain, watch cooking shows, search the internet for recipes, etc, etc.

So I sit her and ask myself… “why have this love for cooking & baking (and eating) and do nothing with it?” Gosh Darn it self! You are RIGHT! Let’s do something with it. What you ask? Who knows! But this blog is the start 🙂

I’ve enrolled into a Pastry Technique class at the French Culinary Institute which just opened a new facility in Campbell, CA. I am beyond excited to get my hands all sugery & gooey with sweet goodness!

I plan to use this blog as a place for me to share all of my new culinary knowledge, as well as recipes I have already grown to love & will discover outside of the FCI.

I hope you’ll join me & share your own food ideas.

Bon Appétit!


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