Candyland Birthday

How on earth did my baby become 5 years old???  How did my only baby girl grow into this beautiful, funny, silly, soon to be kindergartener???  Regardless, of how it happened, it needed to be celebrated with LOTS & LOTS of candy!!!

Candyland is one of those party themes you can go absolutely crazy with!!!  The internet is just covered with ideas!!!  My suggestion is to pick a few ideas & run wild with it!  No need to do everything 🙂

First was the invitations.  What more says Candyland than a giant Lollipop invite? (Picture to come)

We then had a blast making all of the decorations:  Giant Ice Cream Cones, paper plate candies, balloon lollipops, dum dum lollipop cones & marshmallow/sour rope kabobs.

But of course, my real fun comes with the cake!  The ideas are endless & so much FUN!!!

After all of the fun, the kids left with a basket full of candy & a toothbrush to make their Mommy’s happy 🙂

Happy Party Planning!


Bake Sales

Tis the year, where the kids go back to school & the Bake Sale Fundraisers start to come together.

For those of you who have a secret obsession for the beloved Bake Sale, (or actually hate it but want to support your school), here are some great Bake Sale ideas to help get your creative juices flowing.

*please be reminded your school will LOVE & APPRECIATE anything you donate!  You don’t have to have a “WOW” factor donation to support your school! 🙂

Covered Pretzels:

Pops (Cake, Brownie, Oreo, Marshmellow):

Cupcakes & Cookies with a WOW:

Other Super Cool Ideas:


All Time Favorites:

Wrapping Tips:  Anytime you can add ribbon, flowers or a bow = the better 🙂

Place cupcakes or muffins with icing in a clear, plastic up & wrap with cellophane.  The spoon is a nice touch!

Happy Baking!

Photos Courtesy of: Yahoo ImagesPinterest, flickr